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Website Design and Development

Elscript Technology is the Best Website Design and Development Company in Kathmandu, Nepal.One of the top online solution providers in Nepal, Elscript Technology has a sizable customer. We make sure that all of our initiatives display beautiful yet technically rich designs supported by the most potent technology accessible on the market since we have established ourselves as a top web design company in Kathmandu. Before beginning to develop a basic design of your site, our team of specialists attentively listens to your needs. We provide solutions that help make the most of your internet resources and eventually provide productive outcomes. We currently stand in the market as a full-service e-solution provider thanks to our many years of expertise working with customers and businesses in IT centers all over the world.

Regardless of your budget, we create cost-effective websites utilizing the most recent website design technologies, enabling you to expand your online presence without necessarily spending a lot of money. When it comes to updating current websites, we are famous for having great professionalism. We evaluate the positives and negatives of your website and suggest necessary adjustments to your web pages so that it may perform at its best. In order to include new features into your website, we employ the best technology available. Elscript Technology performs a thorough analysis of your website's requirements and strives to establish its own character in the marketplace. We have established a strong presence across Nepal as a quickly expanding Web development firm by utilizing the knowledge of our astute Internet marketing specialists. We can assist your website in reaching its intended audience while expanding its market.

Strategic foundation

The basis of any digital endeavor we launch at Elscript is a well-defined idea, thus our smart specialists analyze ideas from all perspectives.

Expert professionals

Successful initiatives are the result of close collaboration, which also enables us to recognize the importance of teamwork in turning ideas into reality.

Working towards goals

We push the limits to achieve goals by conducting in-depth research into your particular market and utilizing the expertise of trained professionals.

Connecting customers

Once the concepts are clear and the goals are well-articulated, our specialists go on to implementing tried-and-true tactics to maximize return on investment for firms.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Solutions

Our designers and developers work together to provide you the website that may put you ahead of the competition, from setting out an easy foundation to creating adaptable platforms.

Brand Reputation

We have been successful in creating strong brands throughout the years, giving businesses the market understanding and digital know-how they need to stand out in the crowd.

Customized Solutions

According to your precise business requirements, we will design and create your website, creating a lead-generating platform that will increase the visibility of your brand.

Real Time results

We always allow you to maintain complete control over the functioning of your digital activities, whether they are sponsored promotions or organic initiatives, thanks to our utterly transparent operations.

Latest technology

For creating websites, our designers and developers use the most recent technology available. We mix brilliant concepts with potent technology to provide the desired outcomes.

25-30% Business Growth in 3-6months

At Elscript, we take great satisfaction in our history of providing clients with immediate, measurable results. We have a solid track record of keeping our digital marketing commitments.

Advanced Security & Scalability

Every website we create is future-proofed, making it completely expandable and always compliant with security standards.

Cost Effective

Never worry about funnelling your money into unchartered territories. Our marketers run cost effective campaigns using proven strategies with no unnecessary overheads whatsoever.

High Performance & Speed

You may guarantee that your website is effective and quick by optimizing all of the on-page components and taking care of the fundamental off-page tasks.

Focused on ROI

We focus on delivering the real results and let ROI from campaigns do all the talking on our behalf. Partner with our results-focused agency to grow your business like you always wanted.

Expertised Team

As we pool our combined knowledge to promote you online, entrusting your digital marketing operations to our trained professionals may make all the difference for your business.

High Conversion Rates

Optimising a website for a sustained period of time generates organic traffic and increase in Google rankings. Proper organic campaigns combined with optimised pages lead to higher conversion rates.

Packages in Nepal


Basic Website

Starting $2499 / Rs 2,50,000
  • Free Logo Design
  • ReactJs+NestJS Frontend
  • NodeJS Backend
  • Self Use system
  • Admin & Customer Login Portal
  • General Reports System
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Custom Design
  • SEO Friendly
  • 1st year Domain
  • 1st year Hosting
  • FAQ Section
  • Blog System
  • Messenger/Whatsapp Chat
  • Free Cpanel Email Setup
  • Google Translate
  • Favicon Setup
  • CDN Setup
  • Free SSL Setup
  • Secured System
  • Basic Terms & Condition
  • Basic Privacy Policy
  • Contact Form
  • Google Map Integration
  • Single Vendor System
  • Simple Search System
  • Simple Filter System
  • 3 Month Free Maintenance

For Advanced Business

Starting $4999 / Rs 5,00,000
  • All of Bronze
  • Website Figma Design
  • Strong Code Foundation
  • Self Use Advanced system
  • Advanced Reports System
  • Gsuite Email Setup
  • Referal System
  • Promocode System
  • Website Images Design
  • 1 Card Payment Gateway
  • 1 Wallet Payment Gateway
  • Advanced SMTP Integration
  • Support Ticket System
  • Google Captcha Setup
  • Github Connected
  • Multiple Server Setup
  • Multiple Currency Setup
  • Activity Log
  • 2FA Email
  • SMS Integration
  • Staff User on Admin Portal
  • Advanced Terms & Condition
  • Advanced Privacy Policy
  • Multi Vendor System
  • Login with Google
  • Login with Facebook
  • Advanced Search System
  • Advanced Filter System
  • 6 Month Free maintenance

For Premium Business + Mobile App

Starting $14999/ Rs 15,00,000
  • All of Bronze and Silver
  • App Figma Design
  • Self Use Enterprise System
  • Android Mobile App
  • IOS Mobile App
  • APP Images Design
  • React Native
  • Google Play Account
  • 1st Year Apple Store Account
  • Premium Terms & Condition
  • Premium Privacy Policy
  • PlayStore Guidelines Check
  • Apple Store Guidelines Check
  • Push Notification
  • Push Announcement
  • 12 Month Free Maintenance

Happy Clients


Happy Clients

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