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Elscript Technology is the Best Managed IT Services Company in Kathmandu, Nepal. Managed IT services, as you have undoubtedly inferred, assume responsibility for supporting any or all of an organization's IT requirements. It's a contemporary support structure where businesses say goodbye to internal teams in favor of outside counsel and opinion. As an alternative, managed service providers like ours are (often referred to as MSPs) intervene and offer supplementary support.

We collaborate with the present staff, filling in knowledge gaps and doing tasks that would be impossible otherwise. The outcome? Businesses don't need to employ or dismiss anyone to address their expanding IT needs. Additionally, the current crew is now able to refocus on their primary duties thanks to the newfound outside assistance from us

Why do you need Our Managed IT Services?

Any business that chooses to outsource its IT will get a number of benefits. The following are some of the most typical need for a business to use Managed IT servivces.

Financial Savings

Consider the expense to your company of maintaining the current in-house IT workforce. People need to be hired, trained, paid, and given paid time off (be it sickness or holiday). After all that, you might have to let them go! Your initial investment is lost, causing you to spend extra money on hiring and training a replacement. Additionally, opportunity costs exist. Employees are only capable of so much, after all. Someone who is always performing IT activities is unable to carry out their main responsibilities. However, if the IT is outsourced, their focus may be put back on tasks that generate income. Overall, outsourcing IT lowers costs while increasing efficiency. The consequence is an improvement in your margins.

Predictable Overheads

Our Managed IT services both reduce and simplify your overhead costs. You combine all of your IT expenses into a single fixed monthly price. What happened? Knowing what you're paying for and when makes it much simpler to plan your spending and control your cash flow each month.

Managerial Ease

Having an internal IT team is not just pricey. They might present difficulties from a managerial standpoint as well. A nuisance can include anything from hiring and training to addressing conflicts and letting bad apples go. When someone is sick or missing, you need to find a replacement. When older employees leave, you need to hire new workers. The entire process is simplified with Our managed IT. You become a customer, for starters! . You can take a seat back and unwind as we consistently support you with no fuss.

Discounts on Tech

Many organizations update their software and IT technologies every year, investing many hours and millions of dollars. Working with us has an additional financial benefit in this area. To put it simply, our business frequently would have pre-negotiated deals with tech/software vendors that result in discounts for our customers. Utilizing IT outsourcing enables you to benefit from such savings! Even better, it spares you the trouble of looking for the ideal products and haggling with the vendor(s) directly for the greatest price.

Access to Modern Technology

Do you have the resources to purchase the newest IT hardware, software, and tools? If your company is like the majority of modern ones, the answer is probably "no." Because they have little access to cash, many businesses are compelled to rely on antiquated technology and divert their resources elsewhere. Our Managed IT services are an exception to this rule. Keep in mind that we are in the IT industry! So that you don't have to, we make sure to make use of the most recent technology. Modern technology after all helps everyone draw in new consumers, contend in a crowded market, and meet the high standards our customers want.

Become More Competitive

As we've already mentioned, outsourcing IT enables businesses to profit from the most recent IT hardware without having to invest in it themselves. As a result, they can more successfully compete with much larger companies. We essentially level the playing field. Small enterprises previously wouldn't have been able to compete with the industry's biggest players. They wouldn't have the money to buy the newest equipment, which would always put them at a disadvantage. Our Managed IT services help to solve such problem. A small business might use the same technologies as its biggest rivals, provided they can afford the monthly fee.

Constant Support

The nature of IT-related problems is unexpected. They can appear at any time and take on a variety of shapes. While you're asleep, someone could hack into your system. It's possible that your computers will crash at night. Data from a work cellphone may have been stolen from an employee. so forth. In the end, you can never predict when an emergency will arise! The bad news is that your internal IT team leaves for the day at five o'clock. At 5.30 p.m., something may go wrong and you wouldn't know till the next day. Even worse, your company can suffer irreparable harm if nobody is there to address the problem. However, when you outsource your IT to us, that problem disappears.

Expert Input

It's important to emphasize again the expertise you acquire from us. It's one of our primary selling points, in fact. You can count on top technicians to provide the best caliber of IT assistance since we are professionals in the field. Less is simply not an option for our company! After all, that is the only way we can hope to continue operating. If we gain a reputation for providing poor support, no one will choose to hire us over a rival. Every time you collaborate with a reputable business in the industry, you can be sure that your IT is in good hands. It also carries no risk. If you ever change your mind, you can cancel your subscription and find a new service.

Minimize Downtime

Any operation's worst enemy is downtime. It can drain $100,000 from a company's bank account in a single hour. It goes without saying that any firm must do everything possible to minimize downtime. That is yet another benefit of outsourcing your IT. Remember that you are receiving support from a group of top specialists around-the-clock. We have the skills and are available to deal with technical concerns. As a result, downtime is reduced and money is saved by quickly identifying and fixing issues.

Restored Focus

The majority of the time, startups and small enterprises have more work than employees! Growing the business is an ongoing struggle due to a shortage of funding. Everyone working is required to juggle many jobs at any given time due to the inability to acquire additional staff. That is one of the reasons IT tasks and disasters are so debilitating. They take resources away from a company's main objectives and monopolize attention that may be used elsewhere. We may also be of assistance. With IT professionals in place, your staff can resume doing what they do best. They can perform the duties for which they were engaged, which is obviously advantageous for the company.

Less Stress and Concern

What happens when you mix greater technology, reduced costs, and round-the-clock professional support? calmness of mind! You are always confident that the company is in good hands. Additionally, you have more money in the bank to deal with any issues that do arise. Given the risk of cybercrime and the dependence of many activities on IT systems, that takes a tremendous burden off the shoulders of many business owners. You may return your attention to the process of expanding the business with less worry about future difficulties.

Packages in Nepal


Basic Website

Starting $2499 / Rs 2,50,000
  • Free Logo Design
  • ReactJs+NestJS Frontend
  • NodeJS Backend
  • Self Use system
  • Admin & Customer Login Portal
  • General Reports System
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Custom Design
  • SEO Friendly
  • 1st year Domain
  • 1st year Hosting
  • FAQ Section
  • Blog System
  • Messenger/Whatsapp Chat
  • Free Cpanel Email Setup
  • Google Translate
  • Favicon Setup
  • CDN Setup
  • Free SSL Setup
  • Secured System
  • Basic Terms & Condition
  • Basic Privacy Policy
  • Contact Form
  • Google Map Integration
  • Single Vendor System
  • Simple Search System
  • Simple Filter System
  • 3 Month Free Maintenance

For Advanced Business

Starting $4999 / Rs 5,00,000
  • All of Bronze
  • Website Figma Design
  • Strong Code Foundation
  • Self Use Advanced system
  • Advanced Reports System
  • Gsuite Email Setup
  • Referal System
  • Promocode System
  • Website Images Design
  • 1 Card Payment Gateway
  • 1 Wallet Payment Gateway
  • Advanced SMTP Integration
  • Support Ticket System
  • Google Captcha Setup
  • Github Connected
  • Multiple Server Setup
  • Multiple Currency Setup
  • Activity Log
  • 2FA Email
  • SMS Integration
  • Staff User on Admin Portal
  • Advanced Terms & Condition
  • Advanced Privacy Policy
  • Multi Vendor System
  • Login with Google
  • Login with Facebook
  • Advanced Search System
  • Advanced Filter System
  • 6 Month Free maintenance

For Premium Business + Mobile App

Starting $14999/ Rs 15,00,000
  • All of Bronze and Silver
  • App Figma Design
  • Self Use Enterprise System
  • Android Mobile App
  • IOS Mobile App
  • APP Images Design
  • React Native
  • Google Play Account
  • 1st Year Apple Store Account
  • Premium Terms & Condition
  • Premium Privacy Policy
  • PlayStore Guidelines Check
  • Apple Store Guidelines Check
  • Push Notification
  • Push Announcement
  • 12 Month Free Maintenance

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